18 Best Virtual Games for Large Groups in 2023

You found our list of fun virtual games for large groups. Virtual games for large groups are fun online activities in which large teams participate or compete against one another. For example, Scavenger Hunts, Virtual Werewolf, and Funny Pet contests. These games aim to entertain participants, strengthen team bonds, and engage players. This article covers … Read more

13 Best Virtual Retirement Party Ideas for Work

Virtual retirement parties are online celebrations done in honor of retirees. Employees hold these parties to give a befitting goodbye and make the last day of work memorable to the retiring staff. The events usually include a mix of virtual icebreakers, games, and activities, such as speeches, music, and dance. Online parties on Zoom, Skype, … Read more

20 Best Virtual Murder Mystery Ideas for Online Team Building

Virtual Murder Mysteries are online games where players act out the characters in a murder story and figure out the identity of a killer. These mysteries are team building activities that develop problem-solving skills and encourage bonding. For example, Movie Murder Mystery and Jazz Age Jeopardy. Murder mysteries games come in free and fully hosted … Read more

10 Virtual Holiday Party Ideas for Christmas 2022

Virtual Holiday Parties are end of year events for remote teams. These parties celebrate Christmas and other traditions, as well as recognize the work that was done throughout the year. The events usually include a mix of games and activities, such as online Secret Santa exchanges, virtual cocktail parties, and Christmas story reading. Online holiday … Read more

How to Manage Remote Teams

Managing remote teams is the process of overseeing employees and staff that work remotely. Example activities include reviewing time cards, implementing quality control and doing 1 on 1 meetings. This management often includes virtual team building and remote job satisfaction as well. So, here are a few things to know about managing remote teams. Managing … Read more

10 Best Zoom Games to Play at Work in 2023 (Ranked)

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Virtual Icebreaker Questions

Our #1 tip for virtual icebreakers is to include them often, and to try to use interesting questions. A round of icebreakers only takes five minutes or so, which means that you can include this activity in most of your virtual conference calls. These questions are a great way to make Zoom calls more fun! … Read more

How to Boost Engagement on Remote Teams

When you work remotely, you discover some of the challenges. For example, remote work can be lonely and isolating. The social aspect of working at an office is often missing, so you need to find ways to substitute for it. We wrote this post to help you boost virtual employee engagement at your company so … Read more