How to Boost Engagement on Remote Teams

You found our guide on how to boost engagement on remote teams.

When you work remotely, you discover some of the challenges. For example, remote work can be lonely and isolating. The social aspect of working at an office is often missing, so you need to find ways to substitute for it.

We wrote this post to help you boost virtual employee engagement at your company so that you can keep morale and job satisfaction high. The list of ideas are from experience leading our own remote team, plus running fun virtual team building events for companies around the world.

These ideas are examples of free virtual team building activities.

List of ways to boost engagement on remote teams

1. Give Your People Time to Connect

When you work from home, it can be easy to just get into work mode and stay there all day. This approach may be helpful for productivity, but much less so for engagement and morale. Instead, build in time for your people to connect. For example, you could match employees for virtual coffee breaks or do an online escape room. More time together having fun results in stronger connections and engagement.

2. Show Gratitude for Daily Tasks

An easy way to boost engagement for remote employees is to show gratitude for the work they do each day. You could share examples of specific team members’ success on your next all hands, or send a quick message over Slack, email or whatever chat program you use at your company. Showing thanks for daily tasks helps remind employees that the work they do is important.

#3. Plan Virtual Happy Hours

We recommend doing at least one virtual happy hour every month. At the event, you can prompt your coworkers with virtual icebreaker questions, and otherwise guide conversations away from work topics. You can also do costume parties, scavenger hunts, online murder mysteries, and other fun virtual activities.

More Ways to Boost Engagement for Remote Teams

There are thousands of ways to boost your team’s engagement and morale while working remotely. Try searching Google for topics like “virtual employee engagement” or “how to create remote work culture.”

And remember, engagement takes time and effort. If you keep working at this project for a few weeks or months you will see excellent results!


FAQ: How to boost engagement on remote teams

Here are answers to common questions about how to boost engagement on remote teams.

How do you boost engagement on remote teams?

You can boost engagement on remote teams by

  • Give Your People Time to Connect
  • Show Gratitude for Daily Tasks
  • Plan Virtual Happy Hours

These are just a few of the ways to motivate work from home employees.

Why is it important to boost remote team engagement?

Remote teams can feel lonely and isolated, which can lead to disengagement and dissatisfaction. To keep morale and productivity high, it is important to monitor engagement and take steps to maintain and raise engagement levels on your remote team. This approach will also lead to higher employee retention.

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