20+ Team Building Activities for Work

You found our list of the best team building activities for work. Team building activities for work are exercises that improve team performance and cooperation. For example, a fitness class relay, a bird-watching challenge, or a gourmet sandwich showdown. The purpose of these activities is to boost collaboration and trust among team members. These practices … Read more

How to Make Online Meetings Fun

Here is our guide on how to make online meetings fun. Ways to make online meetings fun are methods of making video calls engaging and interactive, such as games, activities, and icebreakers. Examples include team building games, Online Trivia and Show and Tell. The purpose of these activities is to add a fun element to … Read more

12 Fun Virtual Scavenger Hunt Ideas

You found our list of virtual scavenger hunt ideas. Virtual scavenger hunts are online game where participants compete to solve some challenges within a given time. Examples include a Christmas scavenger hunt, a scavenger hunt for students, and an outdoor scavenger hunt. Virtual scavenger hunts aim at helping remote teams to connect, have fun, and … Read more

21 Virtual Trivia Games and Ideas for Remote Teams

You found our list of the best virtual trivia games. ​Virtual trivia games are online competitions that test players’ general knowledge of various topics, like music, geography, and sports. These games involve a series of questions and require players to answer most questions quickly and correctly. Examples of virtual trivia games include Kahoot!, Crowdpurr, and Fun Trivia. The purpose of these games is to engage distant team … Read more

Top New Employee Welcome Gift Ideas for Remote Employees

Here is our list of the best new employee welcome gift ideas. New employee welcome gift ideas are thoughtful items or gestures for new hires to make them feel welcomed and valued in their new workplace. Examples include Branded Hot Cocoa Bar Kits, Local Goods Baskets, and Universal Laptop Skins. The purpose of these presents is to … Read more

19 Top Gift Box Ideas for Employees

Here is our list of the best gift box ideas for employees. Gift box ideas for employees are packages and baskets you can give employees or coworkers to celebrate an event or appreciate their contributions to your company. Examples include the Build My Gift Boxes, Office Essential Gift Box, and Morning Brew Gift Box. The … Read more

16 Fun Remote Team Meeting Ideas

You found our list of the best remote team meeting ideas. Remote team meeting ideas are activities that allow your team members to interact with each other beyond simply finishing work-related duties. Examples include Guess the Work Desk, Lightning Scavenger Hunt, and Icebreaker Questions. These ideas are critical to help your staff bond as a unit, communicate … Read more

19 Best Online Office Games to Play with Employees

You found our list of online office games to play with employees. Online office games are fun events that employees can play in a virtual or remote setting. Examples include Emoji Stories, Tongue Twisters, and Quick-Fire Questions. The purpose of these games is to foster a spirit of camaraderie, improve communication and collaboration, and reduce … Read more

Why Team Building is Important

This article outlines the importance of team building. Team building is the process of getting a group of workers to function efficiently as a unit, often via activities and events designed to boost morale and encourage collaboration. Team building is important for various reasons, including better communication, collective goal alignment, and increased productivity. Team building aims … Read more

101 Free Virtual Team Building Activities for Remote Teams

This page is the #1 list of free virtual team building activities online. It includes 101 ideas for: online team building games virtual team building exercises virtual team activities team building activities for conference calls And similar fun for remote teams! What is virtual team building? Virtual team building is the allocation of organizational resources … Read more

16 Best Online Happy Hour Games and Ideas in 2023

Online happy hour games and ideas are fun, interactive activities to do with colleagues during a remote social event. For example, Office Olympics, Never Have I Ever, and Talent Show. Participants can play these games on Microsoft Teams, WebEx, Zoom, or similar video call platforms. The purpose of these games is to enhance bonding, encourage … Read more

19 Best Virtual Employee Recognition Ideas & Tips

Virtual employee recognition ideas are the deliberate actions by leaders in an organization to acknowledge remote employees doing a good job. The main reasons for recognizing virtual employees are to boost morale and productivity and retain remote staff. This post includes: virtual employee appreciation games employee recognition ideas for virtual teams ways to recognize employees … Read more

13 Virtual Christmas Games to Try in 2023

Virtual Christmas Games are entertaining holiday exercises for remote teams. For example Christmas Carol Contest, Strange Snowman Competition, and Virtual Christmas Bingo. These games enhance team bonding, engagement and camaraderie while spreading the holiday’s celebratory mood. These games are good ideas for virtual holiday parties and are examples of remote games for large groups. This article … Read more

12 Great Virtual Event Ideas for Remote Employees in 2023

Virtual event ideas are themes, activities, and games in online events such as webinars and virtual workshops. Examples of these ideas are virtual fundraisers and internal virtual product launches. These virtual team building activities intend to engage teams and nurture mutual responsibility. This article covers virtual event ideas for students virtual event ideas for work … Read more

11 Best Microsoft Teams Games for 2023

Microsoft Teams games are activities to play remotely on the Microsoft video conferencing platform. Examples include Pictionary, Hangman, and virtual escape rooms. These games are a mix of hosted and non-hosted options. The purpose of these games is to nurture creativity, improve collaboration, and make work or learning more interactive. This article covers: free games … Read more

10 Best Online Team Building Games

Online team building games are interesting and engaging virtual activities that help remote team members to remain connected. These activities include free or paid digital games like virtual escape rooms and virtual versions of classic games like a scavenger hunt. The purpose of these games is to break job monotony, enhance bonding, and promote collaboration. … Read more

22 Top Online Event Platforms and Companies in 2023

Online event platforms are software companies that envision, design, organize, and execute virtual events for clients or give users the tools to design and run remote events. These events can include conferences, meetings, trade shows, and product launches. Some platforms specialize in events like tradeshows, whereas others have many capacities ranging from product launches to … Read more

17 Best Virtual Escape Rooms for Online Teams in 2023

Virtual escape rooms are online team games where players search for clues and solve puzzles to escape a scene within the set time. These games use technology to create visuals that mimic real scenarios like a jail or dungeon. Virtual escape rooms are among the best online team building games as players gain collaborative, communication, … Read more

11 Best Online Conference Software, Apps, & Tools

Online conference software are programs that enable different parties to hold remote meetings that require broadcasting audio, video, and text. This conferencing software is popular among both people and corporations. The programs have functions like file sharing, electronic whiteboards, and file transfer. Such software and tools include solutions to make online and hybrid conferencing more … Read more

11 Virtual Community Building Activities & Ideas To Do Online

Virtual community-building activities are remote team tasks that help nurture meaningful connections. For example, peer counseling, Donut calls on Slack, and volunteering. These ideas aim to build a community whereby team members can have fun together and enjoy a solid support system. This list includes: virtual community building ideas community building ideas for Zoom virtual … Read more