Gartic Phone

Here is our guide to Gartic Phone online.

We put this guide together as experts of running and playing team building games with remote teams.

Playing Gartic Phone online virtually with teams involves a hilarious blend of drawing and guessing. Players attempt to convey and interpret prompts through drawings and captions. This engaging activity promotes creativity, communication, and teamwork.

Ideal group size:

4 to 10 players

Activity duration:

20 to 40 minutes



What you’ll need:

  • Web browser or Gartic Phone app
  • Devices (computer, tablet, or smartphone) for each participant

How to play:

Step 1: Set Up the Game

First, choose a platform to play Gartic Phone online, such as the official website or a compatible app, and ensure all team members have access to it.

Step 2: Create a Room

After you pick a platform, start a new game room and share the room link or code with all participants to join.

Step 3: Set Game Settings

Before you play, customize game settings, such as round duration and language preferences, to tailor the experience to your team’s preferences.

Step 4: Join the Room

Next, have all team members join the game room using the provided link or code.

Step 5: Start the Game

Once all players have joined, start the game and designate a drawing order for the first round.

Step 6: Draw Your Prompt

When it is your turn, read the given prompt and use the drawing tools provided to illustrate it as best as you can within the time limit.

Step 7: Guess Other Drawings

While one player draws, the others attempt to guess what the drawing represents. Then, type your guesses into the chatbox.

Step 8: Rotate Turns

You can continue rotating turns until each player has had a chance to draw and guess multiple times.

Step 9: Review Drawings and Guesses

After teams complete all rounds, review the drawings and guesses together as a group, sharing laughs and discussing the interpretations.

Examples of Gartic Phone websites:

  • A site where players can create or join rooms to play the game
  • Another website that offers a drawing and guessing game similar to Gartic Phone, with the option to create private rooms for playing with friends
  • A website offering a fun and engaging drawing and guessing game experience with friends or random players
  • A drawing and guessing game with the option to create private rooms and customize game settings
  • A multiplayer drawing and guessing game where players can create private rooms and challenge their friends to guess their drawings
  • A fun online drawing and guessing game where players can join public rooms or create private ones to play with friends

Variations and challenges:

  • Theme Nights: Designate a theme for each round, such as movies, animals, or famous landmarks. Players must incorporate the theme into their drawings or guesses, adding an extra layer of creativity and fun.
  • Blind Drawing: Challenge players to draw with their eyes closed or while blindfolded. This variation adds an element of unpredictability and hilarity to the game as players attempt to decipher each other’s “blind” drawings.
  • Speed Rounds: Set a shorter time limit for drawing and guessing, increasing the pace and intensity of the game. Speed rounds test players’ quick thinking and creativity under pressure, resulting in rapid-fire laughter and excitement.
  • Collaborative Drawings: Instead of drawing individually, have players collaborate on drawings by taking turns adding to a single canvas. This method fosters teamwork and encourages players to build off each other’s ideas, leading to collaborative masterpieces.


  1. Be clear with your drawings: Use bold lines and clear shapes to ensure your drawings are easily recognizable to other players.
  2. Practice guessing: Pay attention to common themes or patterns in the drawings and captions to improve your guessing skills over time.
  3. Embrace imperfection: Do not worry about creating perfect drawings or captions. Instead, focus on conveying your prompt in a fun and engaging way.
  4. Stay positive: Encourage and support your fellow players, even if their drawings or guesses are not always accurate. A positive atmosphere enhances the enjoyment of the game.
  5. Keep it simple: Focus on conveying your prompt clearly and succinctly through your drawing or caption to ensure other players can easily guess it.
  6. Pay attention: Stay engaged and observe the drawings or captions of others carefully to make accurate guesses and earn points.
  7. Use creativity: Be bold, think outside the box, and incorporate humor or clever interpretations into your drawings or captions.
  8. Communicate with your team: If playing in teams, then communicate effectively to coordinate your guesses and increase your chances of success.

Final Thoughts

Playing Gartic Phone online offers a dynamic and entertaining way for remote teams to bond, collaborate, and unleash their creativity. Through the shared experience of drawing and guessing, participants strengthen their communication skills, foster team spirit, and create lasting memories. Whether you are a seasoned player or new to the game, Gartic Phone provides a platform for laughter, connection, and shared joy.

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