19 Top Gift Box Ideas for Employees

Here is our list of the best gift box ideas for employees.

Gift box ideas for employees are packages and baskets you can give employees or coworkers to celebrate an event or appreciate their contributions to your company. Examples include the Build My Gift Boxes, Office Essential Gift Box, and Morning Brew Gift Box. The purpose of these gift boxes is to celebrate or recognize the recipients thoughtfully.

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List of gift box ideas for employees

Sending gift boxes to employees will go a long way in showing gratitude to your recipients and celebrating their achievements. From the Gone Golfing Golf Gift Box to The New Hire, here are the best gift boxes to send to your colleagues and workers.

1. Gaming The System

Gaming The System is one of the best gift box ideas for coworkers who are gamers. This gift box comes with different games, including playing cards, a popcorn puzzle, and charades. Your recipients will also get the famous Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me book of crossword puzzles.

In addition, the package includes Sugarfina’s dark chocolate caramels your coworkers can enjoy while playing. Most of the games come with instruction cards to guide players. You can also check the product page to read more about the games. Furthermore, you can include additional items like Scrabble, mindfulness dice, and Girls’ Night in Trivia Tin.

Learn more about Gaming The System.

2. Pawsome Friends Gift Basket

The Pawsome Friends Gift Basket is one of the best gift boxes for coworkers who are fur parents. You can customize this package to feature snacks for humans alone or for both people and furry friends. Depending on your choice, the box can include roasted almonds, popcorn, tea, toys, and pet treats.

You can also add a personalized message for your recipients and their fur babies at no cost. This gift is excellent for employees celebrating their pet anniversary or who recently adopted a pet. This gift basket is available in three sizes to fit different needs and budgets. Furthermore, you can upgrade your gift baskets by adding a gift card and a bow.

Learn more about Pawsome Friends Gift Basket.

3. Meat N’ Bone Butcher’s Favorites

For your food-loving employees, consider getting them a box of high-quality steaks from Meat N’ Bone. Meat N’ Bone is a small business run by a group of meat-loving friends, and this box contains all their favorites.

This Butcher’s Favorites box contains:

  • 10- to 12-ounce Wagyu flap steak
  • Ten-ounce Wagyu Denver steak
  • Eight-ounce Wagyu filet mignon
  • Eight-ounce flat iron steak

The firm curated this box to feature flavorful cuts that cooks often ignore. Additionally, the steaks in this set are all sourced from Colorado ranchers. Whether your employee loves to grill or sear up steak in a cast iron pan, they will appreciate this premium gift.

Learn more about Meat N’ Bone Butcher’s Favorites.

4. The Foodie

The Foodie is a fun gift with bespoke treats to satisfy your employee’s cravings. The gift comes in a ten-inch box secured with Teak & Twine’s band. This bestselling package contains a cheese spreader, cutting board, salted peanuts, and jam.

In addition, the company can ship the box directly to your recipient’s address. You can also contact the service to brand the gift item. If you order at least 100 sets, then the company can help you create a branded portal for recipients to enter their addresses directly.

Learn more about The Foodie.

5. Build My Gift Boxes

The Build My Gift Boxes are among the best gift box present ideas. You can choose your own box theme, from the “With Love Gift Box” to “The Signature BMG Gift Box.” You can also select the gift items to feature in your package.

Furthermore, Build My Gift partners with trusted brands that offer custom gifts for customers. Therefore, you can personalize the present to your taste. You can also choose from various items, from champagne to notebooks to cookies. If you need inspiration for curating your own bespoke corporate box, then check out the pre-built packages in Build My Gift’s collection.

Learn more about Build My Gift Boxes.

6. Employee Get Well

If you are looking for ways to support your sick colleagues, then you cannot go wrong with the Employee Get Well gift box. This package contains thoughtful gifts like a mini bamboo cutting board, coffee, popcorn, and mini pralines. Your recipient can receive the gifts wrapped in a box or basket, depending on their location.

Basketry can help you include a personalized handwritten message in the box. The gifting company also offers same-day delivery, making this gift a perfect last-minute present. In addition, you can swap out the items in your package to create a custom gift basket meeting your needs. If you have a special gift in mind not featured in Basketry’s collection, then you can contact the service directly to help you get the item.

Learn more about Employee Get Well.

7. Morning Brew Gift Box

If your employees are tea lovers, then you cannot go wrong with this Morning Brew Gift Box. The package includes Manhattan Black tea, sugar cubes, cookies, a kitchen towel, and cups. Also, the gift box comes with a complimentary handwritten note, a satin ribbon, and a bow.

This package is also one of the best holiday gift box ideas for employees. Starting in November, the boxes will come with red, white, or gold ribbon and bow. Furthermore, depending on the occasion or theme, you can pick from various card designs, such as the “Thinking of You,” “Thanks,” and the “XOXO” cards. In addition, your purchase gives back to the community with a tree planted for each gift box you order.

Learn more about the Morning Brew Gift Box.

8. The New Hire

The New Hire is the perfect gift set to welcome a new employee or team member. The package features good-quality work accessories and treats to make your recipients comfortable at home and in the office.

Your recipient will receive a black ballpoint pen alongside a charcoal gray linen notebook from Appointed. The box also contains Sugarfina latte bears and W & P’s ceramic mug. Your purchase covers a blank paper card. If you want the card to feature a handwritten note, then you should make a request at checkout. You can also contact the company directly to personalize your gifts with branded elements like an engraved wooden box, custom labeling, and hangtags.

Learn more about The New Hire.

9. Gift Tower

This Gift Tower from My Baskets is one of the best corporate gift box ideas for employees.

The gift comes in three gift boxes of different sizes and a red ribbon. Each box features a variety of delightful snacks, including caramel popcorn, pretzels, crackers, and milk chocolate bars.

You can also fill the boxes with add-ons like wine, coffee, and champagne. If you are celebrating a special occasion, then consider sending a flower bouquet or balloons alongside this gift set. You can rest assured that your recipient will love the goodies from top-quality brands.

Learn more about Gift Tower.

10. Love That Dog Gift Set

If your employees are dog lovers, then you can check out this Love That Dog Gift Set. This gift is a thoughtful present that can bring warmth to your recipient’s home. The box contains a matchbox and scented candle hand-poured by a woman-owned business. Also, the candles come in three fragrant variants and can burn for up to 45 hours.

This gift set is sustainable and ethically made with the best ingredients in the market. In addition, the vendor includes a handmade squeaky dog toy from The Foggy Dog. Your purchase supports different rescue shelters in the United States. Furthermore, you can add a gift message to the cart for your dog-loving employee and their furry companion.

Learn more about Love That Dog Gift Set.

11. Office Essential Gift Box

Office Essential Gift Box is one of the best gift box present ideas. The package includes items to improve your workspace, from a ceramic tumbler to a set of two minimalist metal pens.

The box also includes organic handmade granola from a woman-owned small business in the United States. This gift set comes in a gray linen box tied with an off-white satin ribbon. You can personalize this gift with a beautiful greeting card featuring a handwritten message. Also, you can choose from different greeting card designs with themes like “floral heart,” “thank you,” and “congrats.”

Learn more about Office Essential Gift Box.

12. Plant Box Co. Appreciation Box

Plant Box Co. offers a delightful gift set for employers looking for thoughtful ways to appreciate their employees. The gift box contains products to enhance self-care, from a live succulent plant to a hand-poured soy candle. This candle can burn for up to 14 hours. Additionally, the succulent variety included in the gift varies from each box.

You will get a gift card with your purchase. Also, if you want a personalized message on the card’s back, then specify this requirement at checkout. The company can ship this box directly to your recipient’s address. Therefore, you can rest assured that your recipients will receive a healthy plant that beautifies their home or workspace.

Learn more about Plant Box Co. Appreciation Box.

13. Vegancuts Snack Box

If your gift recipients are vegan, then you can opt for this Vegancuts Snack Box. This subscription-based box is one of the best gift box ideas for employees. Your recipient will receive at least ten items every month. The snacks featured in the box vary by month. As an example, past boxes contained items like avocado chips, hummus crackers, vegan chocolate, and the best beverages on the market.

Vegancuts offers flexible subscriptions to accommodate different needs and budgets. In addition, this snack company won several awards from popular magazines, including Newsweek, Time, and VegNews.

Learn more about Vegancuts Snack Box.

14. Gone Golfing Golf Gift Box

The Gone Golfing Gift Box is the ideal present for golf lovers in your life. This three-tier gift box comes with accessories your recipients can use while on the course, from a putter holder to wooden tees. The package also features sweet treats like popcorn, smoked almonds, pretzels, and cookies. Add-on options include chocolate, stuffed animals, and golf balls.

You can also include games like Jenga, Connect Four, puzzle books, and Clue. Furthermore, you can request the vendor wrap the gifts for a particular occasion, whether anniversaries or housewarming. Although your package comes with a complimentary greeting card, you can upgrade this item for an additional fee. The best part is that this upgrade supports the TNR program, which is dedicated to caring for feral cats in the community.

Learn more about Gone Golfing Golf Gift Box.

15. Caffeine Queen Curated Gift Box

The Caffeine Queen Curated Gift Box is one of the best gift box ideas for coworkers and employees who are coffee enthusiasts. The package comes in a beautiful wooden box with a peach-colored ribbon. Your recipient will receive items like a travel-size mug, cookies, sugar cubes, and whole-bean coffee.

The box also comes with a letterpress calligraphy gift tag available in different themes, from “Thank You” to “Wishing You Wellness.” In addition, the content includes a complimentary card, which can be blank or filled with a handwritten message.

Learn more about Caffeine Queen Curated Gift Box.

16. Gym Rat Gift Box

The Gym Rat Gift Box is one of the best presents you can give employees, coworkers, and even clients to support their fitness lifestyle. The box contains items every gym lover will appreciate, like a resistance band, water bottle, chocolate energy bar, and body wipes.

Merakigold carefully packed the gift items in a keepsake box with a hand-tied ribbon. The gift package also comes with a personalized handwritten note. In addition, the service will deliver the box directly to your recipient’s doorstep.

Learn more about the Gym Rat Gift Box.

17. Yogi Secret Monthly Care Box

The Yogi Secret Monthly Care Box is one of the best gift box ideas for businesses. Yogi Secret curates this box to help recipients improve their mood and yoga practice. The package features about five to seven handpicked self-care items. The content varies monthly, but your recipient may get items like chocolate bars, skin care products, and an adult coloring book.

You can rest assured that the items are all eco-friendly and sustainable. The company also offers a one-time purchase option if you are not ready to commit to a subscription plan. In addition, the box features the best products from different trusted brands, including Manduka and Natural Life.

Learn more about Yogi Secret Monthly Care Box.

18. Premium Healthy Snack Gift Box

The Premium Healthy Snack Gift Box is a thoughtful corporate present for any occasion. The box contains 25 snack variants. You can also include additional items like coffee, water, and tea for an extra fee.

Furthermore, you can request that the box includes snacks strictly matching your recipient’s gluten-free or vegan dietary requirements. The vendor can also add a handwritten note to impress your recipient. In addition, you can make the package more unique by branding the box with your company logo and colors. Whether you are catering to one employee or the entire team, this gift box will delight your recipients and satisfy their cravings.

Learn more about Premium Health Snack Gift Box.

19. The Office Warrior

The Office Warrior is among the best corporate gift box ideas for employees. The package includes various items, from a portable power bank to screen wipes, to enhance your recipient’s day at work. Also, this package is excellent for your coffee-loving employees and features a 15-ounce coffee brewer.

Furthermore, this box contains a 60-page notebook with a motivational message saying, “Wake Up. Kick Ass. Repeat.” You can opt for the premium gift packaging option to make this gift special. Your recipients will receive a gift card engraved with your business logo, a picture, or a message.

Learn more about The Office Warrior.


Giving employees gift boxes is one of the best ways to show appreciation to your staff. Whether you have a special occasion or want to say, “Thank you,” these gift box ideas will significantly boost your employees’ morale. You can curate the present yourself. However, if you find this task stressful, then you can opt for the pre-curated gift boxes available in online stores. The gift box content can range from snacks to self-care products to sports gear. You will certainly find an option that matches your preference regarding color, theme, budget, or dietary requirements.

FAQ: Gift box ideas for employees

Here are answers to questions about gift box ideas for employees.

What are employee gift boxes?

Employee gift boxes are packages and baskets given to workers to appreciate their service or celebrate a special event. The packages can contain food, from snacks to beverages. You can also find boxes curated with the recipient’s dietary needs and fur companions in mind. Therefore, consider your recipient’s needs and preferences before choosing a gift box.

What are the best gift box ideas for employees?

The best gift box ideas for employees include the Yogi Secret Monthly Care Box, the Vegancuts Snack Box, and the Gone Golfing Gift Box. There are also several gift boxes for employees who are pet owners, including the Pet Owner Gift Basket and the Love That Dog Gift Set.

Why should you send gift boxes to employees?

Sending gift boxes to employees and coworkers can boost their morale and incentive to work. Also, the gift makes your employees feel valued and recognized in your company. You can create a positive work culture by giving employees gift boxes for various events, from promotions to retirement. Sending gift boxes to workers can also increase their job satisfaction and reduce employee turnover.

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