Top New Employee Welcome Gift Ideas for Remote Employees

Here is our list of the best new employee welcome gift ideas.

New employee welcome gift ideas are thoughtful items or gestures for new hires to make them feel welcomed and valued in their new workplace. Examples include Branded Hot Cocoa Bar Kits, Local Goods Baskets, and Universal Laptop Skins. The purpose of these presents is to create a positive first impression and help new employees settle in comfortably.

This list includes:

  • new employee welcome kits
  • onboarding gifts
  • small welcome gifts for new employees
  • welcome care packages for work

Here we go!

List of new employee welcome gift ideas

New employee welcome gift ideas are a great way to make new hires feel a part of the team. In addition, these onboarding gifts can help set a positive tone for an employee’s tenure at the company. Here is our list of some of the best gifts to welcome new employees aboard.

1. Baby Mystery Jungle Box by Rooted

New workers can benefit significantly from having desk plants to help them adjust to their new workplace.

The Baby Mystery Jungle Box by Rooted contains three adorable mystery baby houseplants. This gift comes in a sturdy brown kraft box with tissue paper and a personalized note. The plants are healthy and vibrant, each with a care instructions card. Moreover, the plants are easy to care for and thrive in bright, indirect light.

This desk plant box can serve as a gentle encouragement to think positively. The box costs $27 and is a unique and affordable way to add some greenery to the new employees’ space with a fun touch of surprise.

Learn more about the Baby Mystery Jungle Box by Rooted.

2. Welcome to the Team Awesome Kit by Baudville

Giving a Welcome to the Team Awesome Kit by Baudville is a creative way to welcome new team members. This kit can provide a sense of inclusion and appreciation right from the start.

These kits include the following:

  • Welcome certificate the whole team can sign
  • Ballpoint pen
  • Pack of pocket praise
  • Bound journal
  • Tin of commit-mints

This kit costs $40 and is a creative and practical way to show new hires that they are an essential part of the team.

Learn more about the Welcome to the Team Awesome Kit by Baudville.

3. Custom Branded Hot Cocoa Bar Kit by Everything Branded

These Custom Branded Hot Cocoa Bar Kits are great for spreading cheer and boosting company awareness. Completely branded with your company’s name and logo, these kits will help you set yourself apart from the competition.

The set contains components for making a flavorful cup of hot cocoa, including:

  • Five hot cocoa mix packets
  • Four peppermint sticks
  • Chocolate chips
  • Crushed peppermint
  • Dehydrated mini marshmallows
  • Wrapped caramel squares

By mixing in dark chocolate or candy canes, you can also add personal flavor to the kits. This set costs around $33 and is a great way to get the word out about your business while warmly welcoming new employees.

Learn more about the Custom Branded Hot Cocoa Bar Kit by Everything Branded.

4. Customized Magnetic Bookmark by AHK Productions

Magnetic bookmarks are unique and small welcome gifts for new employees. AHK Productions makes magnetic bookmarks with various customization options to fit company needs. These stainless-steel bookmarks are durable, and the logo options include imprinting or full laser.

You can also choose your preferred shape and size for each bookmark. Because the bookmarks are customizable, the company does not offer a flat price for each item. Instead, you can request a quote and get the price per order. However, this gift option is ideal for bulk orders.

After making your bookmarks, the company will also pack them in individual cellophane bags, perfect for gifting.

Learn more about Customized Magnetic Bookmarks by AHK Productions.

5. Local Goods Basket by Present Day Gifts

Present Day Gifts allows you to create a custom gift basket according to your budget. You simply set the price, and the firm curates a basket for you. Budget options range from $93 to $150 USD. Since the business hand-picks each batch of packages, the contents will always be unique.

In addition to the unique gift items, each care package always includes the following:

  • Potted succulent
  • Handwritten note on a signature linen notecard
  • Ontario-made bushel basket

If the vendor cannot ship plants to your recipient, then they will replace the plant with an item of equal or greater worth. You can also add a bottle of wine to the basket to impress the receiver. Moreover, you can also personalize this care box by shopping for unique additions like a rose bouquet, hot cocoa mix, and a scarf.

Learn more about the Local Goods Basket by Present Day Gifts.

6. Framed Felt Letter Board by Designworks Ink

Gifting the Felt Letter Board by DIsplay Frames to a new employee can be a thoughtful and practical gesture.

This set includes:

  • Wood frame with stand
  • Black felt
  • 169 letters & emojis
  • Canvas letter storage bag
  • Foil-stamped gift box
  • File to smooth letters
  • Hardware to hang on the wall

This versatile and stylish board lets new employees personalize their workspace and showcase their personalities. For example, employees can use the board to display motivational quotes, essential reminders, or notes for their colleagues. At $42, this gift is a cost-effective way to show your new team members you care about their success and happiness at your company.

Learn more about the Framed Felt Letter Board by Designworks Ink.

7. Custom Chocolate Boxes by Essklusiv

Sending new hires chocolate as a welcome present is a great way to welcome them aboard. Essklusiv offers a range of gourmet chocolates and customized bonbons made from premium cocoa beans.

You can customize these tasty treats with your company’s logo or personalized message. To add a more personal touch, you can choose from their predesigned gift boxes or create customized packaging. For pricing information, contact the company for a custom quote. Custom chocolate boxes from Essklusiv can be a wonderful way to make employees feel special.

Learn more about Custom Chocolate Boxes by Essklusiv.

8. Wellness Essentials by Loved and Found

Welcome care packages for work promote a healthy work-life balance and show the company’s commitment to employee well-being. Therefore, the Wellness Essentials Box by Loved and Found is the ideal stress-relieving gift for your newly hired staff.

The box includes the following:

  • Travel essential oil diffuser
  • Pure essential oil
  • Silver Needle Tea Company black Wuyi tea
  • Charcoal-gray linen jotter notebook
  • Black ballpoint pen
  • Matte black ceramic mug
  • Silver ball tea infuser

You can also contact Loved and Found to request a replacement object for your gift box or assemble a bespoke care package. Hang tags, labeled packaging, and custom-printed cards are just some branding options this firm provides. These unique new employee welcome kits cost $178 and come in a sleek black box with a matte ivory ribbon.

Learn more about the Wellness Essential Box by Loved and Found.

9. Universal Laptop Skin by Skinit

Custom laptop skins can be great onboarding gifts, as they help employees personalize their workspace. Skinit provides laptop skins that can fit all laptop sizes. In addition, the high-quality vinyl skins have a scratch-resistant texture.

You can either choose from the available design options or customize your own. During the design process, you can upload an image, add text or emojis, and change the background colors. Companies can also display their logo, which can be a great promotional tool. Each skin costs around $34.99.

Learn more about the Universal Laptop Skin by Skinit.

10. Bamboo Desk Essentials Gift Set by Positive Promotions

One of the best gift options for new workers is the Bamboo Desk Essentials Gift Set. This gift set has attractive packaging and is environmentally responsible. This practical present will support new employees and foster a productive work environment.

The kit includes office necessities, including:

  • Phone holder
  • Notebook
  • Charging cables
  • Bamboo pen

The set is unique and beautifully made from sustainable bamboo. Additionally, this kit contains a message of thanks under the lid, which reads, “Your dedication makes a difference, and we always appreciate all you do.”

Moreover, all the items inside this $18 gift box contain a positive appreciation message to help new employees gain confidence.

Learn more about the Bamboo Desk Essentials Gift Set by Positive Promotions.

11. Personalized Picture Frame by Lifetime Creations

The Personalized Picture Frame by Lifetime Creations is a thoughtful and unique gift for your new recruits. New hires can use this frame to decorate and personalize their workspace by displaying a special picture.

Lifetime Creations allows you to specify the exact dimensions of the border. You can also customize your purchase with either the recipient’s name or some quotes in your preferred font. Depending on your selections, the frame ranges from $25 to $43. In addition, the frame arrives in a white presentation case, making it ideal for last-minute gift giving.

Learn more about the Personalized Picture Frame by Lifetime Creations.

12. Branded Collapsible Coffee Cup by Think Kind

Branded collapsible coffee cups can act as a great welcome gift while promoting eco-friendliness at the workplace. Think Kind offers a variety of collapsible coffee cups perfect for this purpose.

The cups come in different colors and consist of safe and recyclable materials. Each 12-ounce Stojo Cup at Think Kind collapses to five centimeters high. In addition, these dishwasher-safe cups feature a heat sleeve. You can also customize the cup with a single-color screen print or a full-color digital print of your company logo. Be sure to contact the company for more information on pricing.

These small welcome gifts for new employees will make them feel welcome and encourage them to bring their reusable cups to work rather than using disposable ones. Such useful gifts can also be practical since employees can use them on the go.

Learn more about the Branded Collapsible Coffee Cup by Think Kind.

13. Gift Cards by NGC

Gift cards are practical gifts because they allow employees to buy their favorite items. NGC allows you to order custom gift cards with your company’s branding.

Prepaid gift cards from popular brands like Starbucks, Subway, Visa, and American Express are available as rewards on the site. Some design options include company logos, incentive program themes or taglines, gift cards, and packaging personalization. Since you can order a gift card for any dollar amount, these gifts are a great fit for any budget. Overall, gift vouchers are an easy and inexpensive way to show your new hires you care.

Learn more about Gift Cards by NGC.

14. Quinn Flip ID Bifold Wallets by Fossil

Customized wallets make excellent promotional giveaways and welcome gifts because of their frequent use. The Quinn Flip ID Bifold Wallet is a thoughtful present and a great way to show appreciation to your employees.

The Quinn Flip ID Bifold Wallets from Fossil are sleek and sophisticated, thanks to their leather exterior and cotton interior. This wallet features multiple card slots, a flip ID window, and a bill compartment. To make this gift more personal, you can emboss the wallet with the recipient’s initials.

Moreover, the wallet is compact enough to fit comfortably in a pocket or purse. You can order this unique wallet for around $39.

Learn more about Quinn Flip ID Bifold Wallets by Fossil.

15. Scented Candles by Flores Lane

A scented candle can create a warm, soothing, and relaxing atmosphere, making it a great gift option. Scented Candles by Flores Lane can be a great gift for welcoming new employees.

These handmade soy candles are completely customizable and come in various scents, sizes, and designs to fit any taste. You can select the fragrance from the collection. Additionally, the company can create scents according to your preference. This scented candle starts at $42.

Apart from being a great welcome gift, the candles help increase productivity and employee satisfaction.

Learn more about Scented Candles by Flores Lane.

16. Hush Active Noise-Cancelation Bluetooth Headphones by Geek Tech Branding

To help your new employees focus on their job, a high-quality pair of noise-canceling headphones can be a great gift. Headphones by Geek Tech Branding offer noise-canceling technology, and you can custom print them with your logo or message.

These headphones come in black. Their noise-canceling ability can block up to 20 to 23 decibels of sound. The battery lasts 15 hours, and the built-in music controls and microphone make use convenient. The cost of these headphones can range from $68 to $86.

Noise-canceling headphones are a great addition to a new hire welcome package, increasing productivity and decreasing distractions.

Learn more about Hush Active Noise-Cancelation Bluetooth Headphones by Geek Tech Branding.

17. Custom Stress Balls by Quality Logo Products

Stress balls are thoughtful welcome gifts to help new employees relieve their anxiety on their first day at work. Custom stress relievers by Quality Logo Products are a fun and unique way to show your new employees that you care about their well-being. These stress balls come in various colors, and the firm also prints your company logo on the item.

Stress relievers are great for easing tension and anxiety during busy workdays. Moreover, a custom stress reliever can increase job satisfaction and productivity.

Learn more about Custom Stress Balls by Quality Logo Products.


In conclusion, new employee welcome gift ideas effectively create a positive first impression and set the tone for a successful working relationship. When new employees receive a welcome gift, it can foster a sense of belonging and encourage them to engage with the company. Gifts also create a positive first impression and set expectations for further engagement and involvement in the company culture.

However, it is essential to consider the company culture and the individual preferences of the new employee when selecting a gift. A thoughtful and meaningful welcome gift can help new employees feel comfortable in the work environment.

FAQ: New employee welcome gift ideas

Here are answers to questions about new employee welcome gift ideas.

What are some good gift ideas for new employees?

Some good gift ideas for new employees include:

  • Noise-Canceling Headphones
  • Welcome to the Team Awesome Kit
  • Bamboo Desk Essentials Gift Set
  • Branded Collapsible Coffee Cup
  • Custom Stress Balls

A good welcome gift can give new employees a warm and positive feeling about their new job. In addition, these presents can encourage employees to stay longer at the company and be more productive.

What should you consider while buying a welcome gift for employees?

Here are some considerations to make when buying a welcome gift for employees:

  • Determine a budget.
  • Consider the company culture, as the gift should be appropriate and align with the values and ethos of the company.
  • Choose creative gifts that stand out and make the employee feel special and valued. Additionally, choose a useful and practical present.
  • Personalize the item to make it more meaningful.
  • Add your company logo to drive awareness and keep the brand top of mind for employees.

Gifts for new hires can make a good first impression, show appreciation, and build a good relationship.

Why should you give welcome gifts in the office?

Giving welcome gifts in the office is a great way to make new team members feel valued and appreciated. Presents help ease any nerves employees may have on their first day, establish a welcoming atmosphere, and set the tone for their overall experience with the company. Welcome gifts also allow team members to bond and get to know each other. Thus, giving onboarding presents is both a gesture of kindness and a strategic move with long-term benefits for the company.

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