The Newlywed Game

Here is our guide to playing the Newlywed Game online.

We put this guide together after facilitating hundreds thousands of successful virtual team building games that earned rave reviews.

The Newlywed Game, adapted for virtual teams, is a delightful way to foster camaraderie and strengthen bonds remotely. Teams compete by answering questions about each other, drawing on their shared experiences and knowledge. This activity encourages communication and collaboration and promotes empathy and understanding among team members. This exercise enhances teamwork and productivity in the virtual workspace.

Ideal group size:

4 to 8 players

Activity duration:

30 to 60 minutes



What you’ll need:

  • Video conferencing platform (e.g., Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet)
  • Virtual whiteboard or shared document for keeping score and recording answers
  • Newlywed Game question cards or a list of pre-prepared questions

How to play:

Step 1: Create Game Questions

To begin, curate a list of engaging and relevant Newlywed Game questions suitable for your team. To spark lively discussions during the game, ensure the questions cover various topics such as personal preferences, work habits, and funny anecdotes. Consider customizing some questions to reflect the unique dynamics and interests of your team members.

Step 2: Divide Teams

Divide participants into teams of 2 to 4 members each. Consider mixing up the teams to encourage interaction and bonding among different group members.

Step 3: Introduce the Game

Before the game, explain the rules of the Newlywed Game to all participants. It is important to emphasize the objective of answering questions about their teammates’ preferences, habits, and experiences.

Step 4: Share Question List

At the start of the game, provide each team with a list of Newlywed Game questions or display them on a shared document. Ensure the questions are fun, light-hearted, and suitable for the team environment.

Step 5: Answer Questions

Each team will take turns answering the questions, with one member from each team providing their response. Teams can discuss and collaborate on their answers before sharing them with the group.

Step 6: Keep Score

You can use a virtual whiteboard or shared document to keep track of each team’s score. Further, award points for correct answers and consider bonus points for creativity or humor.

Step 7: Foster Discussion

After each question, encourage teams to discuss their answers and share anecdotes or stories related to the question topic. This step fosters deeper connection and engagement among team members.

Step 8: Rotate Turns

Throughout the game, rotate the team members who answer the questions to ensure each individual has a chance to participate actively. This step keeps the game dynamic and inclusive for all team members.

Step 9: Facilitate Engagement

Throughout the game, actively facilitate engagement by asking follow-up questions, encouraging laughter, and creating a positive and supportive atmosphere.

Step 10: Declare a Winner

Once groups answer all questions, tally up the scores and declare the winning team. Be sure to celebrate their success and encourage all participants to reflect on the fun and camaraderie shared during the game.

Newlywed Game questions for work:

  1. What’s your teammate’s favorite snack during breaks?
  2. If your teammate could teleport anywhere for lunch, where would they go?
  3. What’s one thing your teammate always has on their desk?
  4. What’s your teammate’s favorite way to start the day?
  5. What’s one thing your teammate can’t work without?
  6. If your teammate could only listen to one song while working, what would it be?
  7. What’s your teammate’s favorite office tradition or activity?
  8. What’s your teammate’s preferred method of communication for work-related matters?
  9. If your teammate could have any job title for a day, what would it be?
  10. What’s one thing your teammate always does before leaving work for the day?
  11. What’s your teammate’s favorite office supply or gadget?
  12. If your teammate could have any celebrity as a coworker, who would they choose?
  13. What’s one thing your teammate does to stay motivated during a busy workday?
  14. What’s your teammate’s preferred way to celebrate a team’s success?
  15. If your teammate could have a special talent related to their job, what would it be?
  16. What’s one work-related accomplishment your teammate is most proud of?
  17. What’s your teammate’s favorite way to unwind after a challenging task?
  18. What’s one item your teammate always brings to team meetings?
  19. If your teammate could choose a theme for the next office party, what would it be?
  20. What’s one thing your teammate does to make the work environment more enjoyable for everyone?


  1. Know Your Audience: Tailor the questions to your group’s preferences and sensibilities, ensuring they’re comfortable and engaged.
  2. Mix Up the Questions: Include a variety of topics, from personal preferences to fun anecdotes, to keep the game interesting.
  3. Establish Clear Rules: Explain the rules before starting, including how you will record answers and award points.
  4. Encourage Honesty and Laughter: Emphasize that the game is about fun and bonding, so encourage honest answers and lots of laughter.
  5. Promote Collaboration: Encourage teammates to discuss answers, fostering teamwork and communication.
  6. Use Technology Wisely: Leverage virtual platforms for sharing questions, keeping score, and facilitating the game smoothly.
  7. Rotate Turns: Ensure every player gets a chance to answer questions by rotating turns among team members.
  8. Be Inclusive: Create an environment where the whole team feels comfortable participating, regardless of their familiarity with each other.
  9. Keep it Light: Remember that the goal is to have fun and strengthen bonds, so keep the tone light and positive throughout.
  10. Celebrate Team Spirit: Acknowledge and celebrate the camaraderie and teamwork displayed during the game, regardless of the final outcome.

Final Thoughts

Playing the Newlywed Game online is a fantastic way to bring remote teams together, fostering camaraderie, laughter, and deeper connections. By adapting this classic game for virtual settings, teams can enjoy moments of shared joy and friendly competition, even from a distance. Be sure to keep the atmosphere light, encourage collaboration, and celebrate the unique qualities of each team member.

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