Virtual Mixology Class

Here is our guide to doing a virtual mixology class.

We put this guide together after running thousands of engaging virtual cocktail making activities for remote teams.

Virtual mixology classes offer teams the opportunity to learn cocktail-making skills and techniques from the comfort of their own homes, guided by a professional mixologist through a virtual platform. Engaging in this activity fosters teamwork, boosts morale, and encourages creativity as team members collaborate to craft delicious drinks together. By participating in a virtual mixology class as a team, colleagues can bond over shared experiences, strengthen communication, and unwind in a relaxed and enjoyable environment.

Ideal group size: 

8 to 20 participants

Activity duration:

60 to 90 minutes


$30 to $50 per person

This cost covers a mixologist, ingredients, and supplies.

What you’ll need:

  • High-speed internet connection
  • Video conferencing software (e.g., Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet)
  • Cocktail ingredients (e.g., spirits, mixers, garnishes)
  • Cocktail-making equipment (e.g., shaker, jigger, strainer)
  • Recipe cards or digital recipe access
  • Customized cocktail kits delivered to participants (may require coordination with a vendor)

How to do it:

Step 1: Choose a Date and Time

To begin, select a convenient date and time for the virtual mixology class that works for all team members, considering different time zones if necessary. It is important to ensure each participant has the session on their calendars well in advance to maximize participation.

Step 2: Send Invitations and Reminders

Next, send out invitations to the virtual mixology class with clear instructions on how to join the video conference and any necessary preparation, such as acquiring ingredients or equipment.  To keep the team engaged and excited, send reminders closer to the event date.

Step 3: Gather Ingredients and Equipment

Participants can gather all the necessary ingredients and equipment before the class begins. Be sure to provide a list of ingredients and suggest substitutions for any hard-to-find items. Optionally, you can mail participants ingredients and supplies ahead of time.

Step 4: Join the Video Conference

At the scheduled time, ensure all team members have joined the video conference platform. Before diving into the mixology session, welcome the team warmly and briefly outline the agenda for the session, including any icebreakers or team building activities.

Step 5: Introduce the Mixologist

Next, introduce the professional mixologist who will be leading the virtual class. You can share their background and expertise to build credibility and excitement among the participants. Team members can ask questions and engage with the mixologist throughout the session.

Step 6: Follow Along with Cocktail Making

Hosts will guide participants through each step of the cocktail-making process, starting with the basics and progressing to more complex recipes. Mixologists provide clear instructions and demonstrations, allowing time for questions and interactions.

Step 7: Share and Enjoy

After completing each cocktail, encourage team members to share their creations with the group. You can provide opportunities for participants to discuss their experiences, share tips, and ask for feedback from the mixologist and fellow team members. Further, celebrate successes and enjoy the fruits of your labor together.

Examples of games or activities:

1. Cocktail Trivia Challenge

Participants answer cocktail-related trivia questions to earn points and demonstrate their mixology knowledge.

  1. Designate a quizmaster to ask trivia questions related to cocktail history, ingredients, and famous bartenders.
  2. Participants answer the questions individually or in teams, earning points for each correct answer.
  3. Keep track of scores throughout the game and announce the winner at the end.

To add an extra layer of fun, incorporate interactive elements like bonus rounds or challenges.

This activity tests participants’ knowledge and fosters friendly competition and encourages learning in a fun and engaging way.

2. Mystery Ingredient Mix-Off

Teams receive surprise ingredients and must collaborate to create unique cocktails using the provided items.

  1. Prepare mystery ingredient kits containing unique or unusual cocktail ingredients.
  2. Set a time limit for participants to brainstorm and create a cocktail recipe using the mystery ingredients.
  3. Each player presents their cocktail creation, explaining their choice of ingredients and the inspiration behind the recipe.
  4. Judges evaluate each cocktail based on creativity and presentation, selecting a winning player.

This activity encourages creativity, adaptability, and thinking outside the box while also adding an element of surprise and spontaneity to the mixology class.

3. Cocktail Charades

Teams act out cocktail-related words or phrases for their teammates to guess within a time limit, adding a lively and interactive element to the mixology class.

  1. Compile a list of cocktail-related words or phrases, such as drink names, ingredients, or mixology terms.
  2. Divide participants into teams and designate one team member as the actor for each round.
  3. Using gestures, miming, and facial expressions, the actor must convey the word or phrase to their teammates without speaking.
  4. Teammates have a limited time to guess the word or phrase correctly.
  5. Rotate the actor’s role within each team until all members have had a chance to participate.

This game promotes teamwork, communication, and creativity while also adding an element of laughter and entertainment to the virtual mixology class. Participants embrace their creativity and have fun with the charades!


  1. Encourage participants to set up their workstations in advance with all necessary ingredients and equipment to minimize interruptions during the class.
  2. Utilize breakout rooms in the video conferencing platform for smaller group activities or discussions, fostering deeper connections among team members.
  3. Provide clear and concise instructions throughout the class, ensuring everyone understands each step of the cocktail-making process.
  4. Incorporate icebreaker questions or team building activities at the beginning of the session to create a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.
  5. Emphasize the importance of active participation and engagement, encouraging team members to ask questions, share their experiences, and interact with one another.
  6. Consider recording the virtual mixology class for team members who cannot attend live, allowing them to catch up later and still feel included in the experience.
  7. Follow up after the class with a recap of the recipes, photos of participants’ cocktails, and any additional resources or tips shared during the session to reinforce learning and connection.

Final Thoughts

Hosting a virtual mixology class is an excellent way to bring remote teams together, foster camaraderie, and add some fun and creativity into team building efforts. By combining cocktail-making with interactive games and activities, teams can bond over shared experiences, learn new skills, and strengthen their connections in a relaxed and enjoyable setting. Be sure to tailor the class to your team’s preferences and needs, and experiment with different formats and activities to keep the exercise fresh and engaging.

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