22 Top Online Event Platforms and Companies in 2023

Online event platforms are software companies that envision, design, organize, and execute virtual events for clients or give users the tools to design and run remote events. These events can include conferences, meetings, trade shows, and product launches. Some platforms specialize in events like tradeshows, whereas others have many capacities ranging from product launches to conferences.

These options can also help event organizers throw virtual holiday parties and boost remote employee engagement.

This list includes:

  • mobile event apps
  • online event planning tools
  • online event venue tools
  • online event vendors

Here we go!

List of 22 Top Online Event Platforms and Companies

From companies that offer creative management solutions to software that helps run the event, here is a list of the top virtual event management & planning companies.

1. Webex Events

Ideal for: virtual or hybrid sales kick-offs and conferences

From small events to events accommodating up to 100,000 attendees, Webex Events can help you host successful virtual gatherings. Webex Events’ platform gives you the tools to customize virtual events in four steps:

  1. Choose icons like speakers, breakouts, and networking
  2. Upload event content like registration and program schedule
  3. Customize with your company’s specific brand information like logos
  4. Publish your content

Some of Webex’s other features include:

  • audience engagement ideas like session chats and Q&A
  • event branding and customization
  • live streaming, simulive, and video hosting
  • attendee networking tools
  • sponsorship tools
  • video breakout rooms
  • event gamification
  • event accessibility

A sample of Webex’s clients includes Purdue University, Hewlett Packard, National Speakers Association, and Indianapolis Zoo.

Webex events is also one of the best mobile event apps.

See more information on Webex Events.

2. VOK Dams Worldwide

Ideal for: virtual or hybrid product launches, virtual corporate events, virtual trade shows, virtual executive retreats, press events, conventions, road shows, “train the trainer” events, and anniversary events

One of the best online event vendors is German-based Vok Dams Worldwide. Vok Dams Worldwide has over three hundred specialists who can help you create virtual or hybrid events. Vok Dams’ capabilities include:

  • certified web solutions according to ISO 27001 and ISO 27017
  • web solutions that are GDPR-compliant
  • guest registration
  • mailing lists
  • media production
  • marketing communications

Some of Vok Dams’ clients include Porsche, BMW, Volkswagen, Nespresso, Bayer, and Lufthansa.

See more information on VOK Dams Worldwide.

3. vFairs

Ideal for: virtual conferences, virtual trade shows, virtual career fairs, and virtual education fairs

vFairs is one of the best online event venue tools. This software offers an all-in-one video conferencing platform that will ensure a smooth event. A few of vFairs’ key features include video conferencing with chat, Q&A, and poll features. Other services include:

  • 3D virtual venues
  • interactive exhibitor booths
  • virtual auditoriums
  • avatar creations
  • custom landing page
  • interactive gamification features
  • email marketing campaign strategies

A few of vFairs’ notable clients include Nestle, Yale University, Unilever, Proctor & Gamble, and Cornell University.

See more information on vFairs.

4. GPJ Experience Marketing

Ideal for: virtual conferences, virtual trade shows, virtual career fairs, and virtual education fairs

GPJ Experience Marketing is part of the Project Worldwide agency network, a network of over 2,000 employees who collaborate to execute top-notch events. Experience Marketing offers a myriad of virtual event planning services that include:

    • hybrid and omni-channel events
    • always-on virtual platforms
    • online event marketing
    • corporate studio design
    • digital consulting, strategy, and experience design
    • virtual event design, including digital UI and physical sets
    • audience segmentation for personalized experiences
    • virtual event production
    • broadcast streaming
    • content such as digital, scripts, and presentations
    • e-commerce consultation and integration

A few of GPJ Experience Marketing’s clients include Acura, Adobe, Google, Cisco, Facebook, Lexus, Toyota, and Samsung.

See more information on GPJ Experience Marketing.

5. Jack Morton Worldwide

Ideal for: virtual trade shows and hybrid events

Globally-known Jack Morton has a signature brand experience platform, Jack ethos, that brings unique spins to virtual events. Jack Morton Worldwide’s services include:

  • live, moderated Q&A and polling
  • content that allows all attendees, in person and virtual, to interact
  • GDPR compliant invitations and announcement emails, as well as follow-ups and reminders
  • personalized agendas for live versus virtual attendees
  • video conference platform integrations including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and WebEx.
  • streaming abilities via Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more.
  • privacy and infosecurity compliance including optional SSO integration.

Some of Jack Morton’s clients include Adidas, Chevrolet, eBay, Google, L.L.Bean, and Nespresso.

See more information on Jack Morton.

6. Boomset

Ideal for: virtual conferences and virtual corporate events

Boomset is an all-in-one software that is perfect for hybrid events. With this software, you can manage attendance, collect photos and signatures, and handle cashless payments. Boomset’s capabilities include:

  • event registration pages
  • cashless payments
  • contactless self-check in via iOS & Android apps
  • digital business card scanning to drive lead generation
  • session access that allows attendees to create/edit schedules
  • tracking attendance
  • admit entry through QR code scanning or UHF/NFC

Some of Boomset’s more notable clients include Target, Facebook, HubSpot, Best Buy, and The Linux Foundation.

See more information on Boomset.

7. Freeman

Ideal for: virtual conferences, trade shows, virtual exhibits, user summits, product launches, executive roundtables, roadshows, and sales kickoffs

One of the best online event planning tools is Freeman. The program’s vast virtual and hybrid capabilities, include:

  • event planning strategies
  • in-person and online design strategies
  • in-person and online activities
  • 2D, 3D, environmental, user interface, and content design
  • broadcast-quality video content
  • scalable delivery
  • live, pre-recorded, and on-demand content
  • privacy & security settings with thorough QA and testing
  • high-end production with A/V tech and support

Some of Freeman’s more notable clients are Cardinal Health, Dell, IACP, New York Hilton, and Redken.

See more information on Freeman.

8. Sched

Ideal for: virtual conferences and virtual conventions

Sched is one of the best online event vendors with an event management software that acts as a central planning and management hub. A few of Sched’s defining features include an event platform feature that helps teams keep everything in sync.

More of Sched’s features include:

  • calendar synchronization
  • check-in app
  • feedback reports
  • digital signage
  • attendance management
  • event website management
  • event scheduling
  • speaker management
  • sponsor management

Some of Sched’s clients include National Geographic, United Nations, the YMCA, and Yale University.

See more information on Sched.

9. Opus Agency

Ideal for: virtual conferences, virtual industry events, virtual brand activations, virtual product launches, virtual press events, virtual exhibits, virtual annual kickoffs, and virtual leadership meetings

Opus is a crossbreed of event marketing, management, and product solutions. The company’s capabilities include:

  • experience strategies
  • brand concepting and design
  • marketing and communications
  • registration and participation engagement
  • content and media
  • digital experiences
  • sponsorship and revenue
  • measurement and analysis

Opus Agency’s notable clients include Alaska Airlines, Cisco, Dell, and 21st Century Fox.

See more information on Opus Agency.

10. Inevent

Ideal for: nonprofit organizations, universities, trade shows, career fairs, benefits conferences, job fairs

Companies turn to Inevent’s software to help host hybrid or virtual events. Inevent’s features include:

  • virtual lobby and video conferencing
  • CRM, integration, and data management
  • check-in, badges, and access control
  • registrations, landing pages, emails, and forms
  • analytics, reports, and compliance

Inevent’s clients include Coca-Cola, Amazon, Santander, Bosch, Bayer, KPMG, Honda, DuPont, Eli Lilly, and Carrefour.

See more information on Inevent.

11. CrowdComms

Ideal for: virtual industry conferences

CrowdComms is an interactive event software that offers real-time video, video breakout rooms, and a chat network. CrowdComms’ other software features include:

  • live streaming
  • registration
  • polling Q&A
  • gamification
  • session tracking
  • fundraising
  • project management
  • design

Some of CrowdComm’s more notable events include Peatland Pavilion at COP26, Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrel Knowledge Fair, and Stonewater’s Annual Virtual Colleague Retreat.

See more information on CrowdComms.

12. Cvent

Ideal for: virtual events, hybrid events, webinars

With over five million events under its belt, Cvent has a software suite that helps companies organize and manage events. For example, Cvent can narrow down a venue with a database of 290,000+ venues and hotels. Cvent also has a tool suite that facilitates web events with interactive features such as live streaming video, real-time schedules, Q&A, and networking abilities.

Some of Cvent’s software’s other capabilities include:

  • online event registration
  • venue selection
  • event management and marketing
  • attendee engagement
  • budget management

Cvent’s more notable clients include Wisconsin Banking Association, Walmart, Siemens, ISACA New England, Meeting Professionals International (MPI), and Mary O’Connor & Company.

See more information on Cvent.

13. Kaltura

Ideal for: virtual town meetings, virtual conferences, virtual learning systems

Kaltura is a platform company that is ideal for hosting your virtual event. Some of its platform features include:

  • preset templates and custom options
  • out-of-the-box integrations
  • high-quality 4k broadcast
  • interactive features like live chats, polls, and quizzes
  • search and discovery features
  • captions and automatic translations
  • sponsor features for banner ads and bumper videos

A few of Kaltura’s noted clients include Bosch, Deloitte, Oracle, Whirlpool, The World Bank, and Oracle.

Some more information on Kaltura.

14. BDI Events

Ideal for: hybrid events, virtual events, meetings, virtual conferences, virtual trade shows, and online training

BDI Events is an event planning company that offers full-service virtual and hybrid event management including:

  • platform recommendations and build-out
  • virtual fundraiser, silent auction, and sponsorship counseling
  • schedule coordination and management
  • attendee management and registration
  • speaker management
  • networking ideas
  • program design
  • schedule design
  • post-event recordings

BDI Events’ events have included Fluxxcon, Epilepsy Foundation, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, NCI, Nethope, CORO, and B’Nai B’Rith International

See more information on BDI Events.

15. McVeigh Global

Ideal for: virtual meetings, virtual events, and virtual tradeshows

One of the best online corporate event companies is McVeigh Global. McVeigh Global creates and implements innovative events, meetings, and conferences. Some of McVeigh’s capabilities include:

  • event design and strategy
  • virtual meeting planning
  • virtual event production
  • meeting analytics

McVeigh Global’s more notable events include Verizon’s President Club, Humanscale Roadshow, United Nations Global Impact, and Emerging Technologies Summit, and Fortune 100 Pharma Streaming Broadcast

See more information on McVeigh Global.

16. BCD Meetings & Events

Ideal for: virtual corporate meetings, virtual corporate events, virtual product launches

BCD Meetings & Events is an event planning company specializing in corporate meetings and events. BCD Meetings & Events’ capabilities include:

  • attendee management
  • global, cloud-based, enterprise webcasting portal
  • virtual venue selection and execution
  • platform solutions

BCD Meetings & Events’ events have included the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank annual meeting, Foodbuy Supplier Conference, Peruvian Football Federation, Netball World Cup Tournament, and UEFA Champions League Final.

See more information on BCD Meetings & Events.

17. MCI Group

Ideal for: virtual and hybrid company anniversaries, virtual galas, virtual award shows, virtual product launches, and virtual roadshows

MCI Group prides itself in being a global next-gen conference organizer with over 1,800 people in thirty countries. With multiple partners, MCI Group’s capabilities are extensive and include:

  • event scheduling
  • speaker management
  • networking ideas
  • program design
  • schedule design
  • experience strategies
  • brand concepting and design
  • marketing and communications
  • registration and participation engagement
  • content and media

MCI Group and MCI Group’s partners’ events include The Society for Clinical Data Management virtual conference, Yokahama Convention and Visitor Bureau’s virtual site inspection, The International Society for Systemic Auto-Inflammatory Diseases’ virtual webinar series, and The Enterprise Blockchain Awards virtual show.

See more information on MCI Group.

18. Agency EA

Ideal for: Virtual product launches

Agency EA is an experiential marketing firm that helps companies connect their brands via hybrid events, virtual events, and digital engagements. Some of Agency EA’s capabilities include:

  • budget planning
  • event concept development
  • digital marketing
  • sponsorship strategies
  • brand identity and messaging
  • website and mobile applications
  • content management

Agency EA’s more notable events include Molson Coors Distributor Convention, ASU + GSV Summit, DoorDash, Samsung, Github, and Starcom.

See more information on Agency EA.

19. Impact XM

Ideal for: virtual meetings, virtual conferences, virtual exhibits, and virtual trade shows

XM is a leading event and experiential marketing company with full-service capabilities. Impact XM’s expertise includes:

  • social media strategies
  • experiential design
  • branding, theming & messaging design
  • digital content
  • strategy, creative and project management
  • visitor journey mapping
  • virtual environment design
  • interface design and experience
  • digital content development
  • programming, deployment, and hosting
  • audience generation campaigns
  • gamification and visitor engagement
  • measurement & analytics

Impact XM’s more notable events include Hisense at CES, AT&T Business Summit, Apartments.com at NAA Apartmentalize, Juniper Networks Deception Force, and UnderArmor’s new Factory House at CrossIron Mills Mall.

See more information on Impact XM.

20. Dorier Group

Ideal for: hybrid meetings, virtual meetings, hybrid conferences, and conferences

Swiss-based Dorier is a creative technical production and audiovisual with over forty years of experience. Recently, Dorier has partnered with SpotMe to a create a host of virtual and hybrid capabilities to include:

  • live streaming
  • audience response systems
  • audio speakers
  • augmented reality
  • holograms
  • interpretation equipment
  • video solutions
  • HD videos and audio
  • virtual reality
  • projection mapping
  • virtual reality

Some of Dorier Group’s clients include Cartier, Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Credit Suisse, Takeda, UEFA, and Somfy.

See more information on Dorier Group.

21. C2 International

Ideal for: hybrid events and virtual events

C2 International is a versatile event planning company with science, technology, and commerce expertise. C2 International’s capabilities include:

  • experience design
  • event technology
  • event management
  • partnerships
  • marketing and editorial solutions

C2 International’s clients include Michelin, Microsoft, EY, Google, G7 Summit, Google, and YPO.

See more information on C2 International.

22. Encore

Ideal for: hybrid conferences, hybrid meetings, hybrid tradeshows, hybrid exhibitions, hybrid corporate training, hybrid rewards & recognition programs, virtual conferences, and virtual meetings.

Encore is an event management company with over ten years of experience and an annual 1.7 million combined in-person, virtual, and hybrid events produced. Some of Encore’s capabilities include:

  • event strategy and design
  • event branding
  • content development
  • event platform & digital products
  • production studios
  • virtual broadcasting
  • streaming production

For more information on Encore.

Final Thoughts

Virtual event planning is different than planning an in-person event. It is important to identify your event needs and requirements ahead of choosing partners. For example, essential details include the number of attendees, key speakers, the medium of content delivery, and necessary technology.

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FAQ: Online event platforms

Here are answers to common questions about online event platforms.

How do I set up an online event?

There are a few steps to take when hosting an online event including:

  1. Outline the basics of your event: number of expected attendees, number of speakers, content delivery, and the technology needed like speaker platforms
  2. Identify virtual venue options
  3. Identify what platforms or applications will accommodate both the number of attendees and speakers
  4. Devise a marketing and branding strategy that will attract attendees
  5. Identify software that will create broadcasting stability for the event
  6. Manage the day of the event

Another important factor to consider is choosing partners that best fit your event. For example, if you are hosting a virtual health conference, choose partners that have experience planning a virtual health conference.

What are online event platforms?

Online event platforms are software, companies, and programs that have a range of capabilities, including organizing, managing, and marketing online events for clients. These tools can also help users create and run remote events independently.

What are the best event planning companies for online events?

The best event planning companies for online events include GPJ Experience Marketing, Jack Morton Worldwide, and Freeman.

How do you choose a good platform to help with online events?

The best way to choose a platform to help with online events is to first access your event needs. For example, smaller events like a company meeting for twenty people will not need as much staffing or partners as a conference for five hundred people.

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