13 Virtual Christmas Games to Try in 2024

Virtual Christmas Games are entertaining holiday exercises for remote teams. For example Christmas Carol Contest, Strange Snowman Competition, and Virtual Christmas Bingo. These games enhance team bonding, engagement and camaraderie while spreading the holiday’s celebratory mood.

These games are good ideas for virtual holiday parties and are examples of remote games for large groups.

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So here are our best picks.

The 13 best virtual Christmas Games

#1. Virtual Christmas Bingo

Virtual Christmas Bingo Is one of the leading Zoom Christmas party games. This activity requires participants to keenly observe fellow team members and then check off Bingo card squares that match the participants’ descriptions.

To play this game, the host sends every participant a link to a randomized virtual Bingo card. Participants download their cards and join the virtual meeting. During the virtual call, players observe the rest of the team members and cross the square with the matching description.

The first player to cross off a row, column, or diagonal of five squares wins the game. After that, that player must shout, “Bingo!” to alert the team members of the win. Then,  the entire team can start a new game.

Examples of Bingo prompts include:

  • Was humming a Christmas song
  • Had multiple neck scarfs
  • Was wearing Santa’s hat
  • Had a packet of peppermint
  • Was wrapping gifts
  • Had a live Christmas tree in the background
  • Was seen munching gingerbread
  • Had set up the nativity scene
  • Had penguin decorations
  • Was sipping a hot drink
  • Mentioned about skiing
  • Complained about wearing mittens
  • Was away from home
  • Referred to Santa as St. Nicholas
  • Had tied a red ribbon
  • Had a green sweater
  • Makes their own Christmas card
  • Had been ice-skating
  • Had a lollipop
  • Had not put on the Christmas lights
  • Had worn Santa’s beard
  • Shared a past Christmas adventure
  • Smiles like the grinch
  • Forgot to unmute themselves
  • Was interrupted by grandma

This game is convenient for small to medium groups. Large teams can play in smaller groups in breakout rooms.

One way to make the game enjoyable is by giving players a turn to describe their Christmas traditions. This way, the rest of the team can deduce information and cross off the corresponding squares.

#2. Christmas-themed Murder Mystery

Murder mysteries are among the leading virtual Christmas games for adults. The game involves sharing a fictional murder story disguising the killer. Participants play by using detective skills to identify and eliminate the assassin.

To prepare for this game on a video call, the group leader must first book a Christmas-themed murder mystery. Next, the leader downloads the game script PDF. Then, the leader separates the characters’ scripts and shares a unique script with each individual privately via DM or email. Finally, the leader sends an online conference invitation to all the participants.

At the communicated time, all participants log in to the online conference. The host introduces the game by reading the storyline aloud and inviting members to act out their parts. Participants then continue with the meeting as usual. Every player makes their investigations based on clues and motives until the group finds the murderer.

#3. Christmas Mad Libs

Christmas Mad Libs is among the most fun virtual Christmas games for kids. This game is in the form of a written story with missing words. Players fill in the blanks with a suitable word to create individual stories.

To play Christmas Mad Libs virtually, the host shares a link to an online Mad Libs template. Next, players access the template and copy and paste the words on a notepad. Finally, each player creates individual stories based on the template.

Interesting Christmas ideas for Mad Libs include past holiday experiences, popular Christmas traditions, and winter vacation plans. The kids will likely write the silliest of stories and learn something new about fellow team members.

#4. Twelve Days of Christmas: The Painting Contest

Twelve Days of Christmas: The Painting Contest is one of the best pastime party games for remote teams. The game involves players painting the 12 gifts as the Twelve Days of Christmas carol sings.

The gifts as per the song are:

  • a partridge in a pear tree
  • two turtle doves
  • three french hens
  • four calling/collie birds
  • five golden rings
  • six laying geese
  • seven swimming swans
  • eight maids milking cows
  • nine dancing ladies
  • ten leaping lords
  • eleven pipers with their pipes
  • twelve drummers

Members open a painting software like Paint 3D or Infinite Painter to start the painting competition. When every player is ready, the host plays the theme carol as background music and sets the timer. Then, players compete to paint all the gifts in 60 minutes.

Once time is up, players showcase the paintings. Each participant takes screenshots of the 12 gifts paintings and shares them with the host. The host compiles and displays the paintings, starting from the partridge bird to the 12 drummers.

To encourage creativity, participants vote for the category to which each painting belongs. For example, the most realistic, silliest, or funniest.

#5. Ugly Christmas Sweater Collection

Ugly Christmas Sweater Collection is among the most fun virtual Christmas games. In this exercise, participants showcase their collection of ugly Christmas sweaters.

To participate in the Ugly Christmas Sweater Collection, every player must join the online conference wearing a favorite ugly Christmas sweater. The main task is searching for a collection of the funniest sweaters from sources like the internet and magazines. Participants should take pictures of the sweaters or download the images and then compile the collection in PowerPoint.

Great ideas include hilarious wording, funny cartoon characters, and interesting patterns on the sweaters.

The ugly Christmas sweaters are typical holiday clothes to keep the wearer warm. But, contrary to the term ‘ugly,’ sweaters are currently a fashion statement and are often appealing.

#6. Online Christmas Scavenger Hunts

Online Christmas Scavenger Hunts are among the top free virtual Christmas games. This scavenger hunt involves finding everyday Christmas items and showing them to the group onscreen.

To play Online Christmas Scavenger Hunt, the host first prepares a list of items to find. A good list is challenging and should mix easy- and difficult-to-find objects. The host then shares the list on the screen, sets a timer, and asks players to find the objects.

Here is a list of items to consider:

  • Old Christmas family photo
  • An antler
  • Jingle bells
  • Handmade decoration
  • Shovel
  • Cookie-cutter
  • A wreath
  • Christmas berries
  • Oven gloves
  • Christmas stocking
  • Firewood
  • Santa’s bag

Players must return to the screen by the time the timer goes off. Next, the host mentions an item on the list, and every participant shows what they found. Players earn a point for every correct item retrieved. Players should note that no item can stand for two prompts. Finally, the host tallies the points and declares the player with the highest score the winner.

To vary the game rules, the host can allow players’ to invite a few family members to join the game. Or award extra points for unique objects that players present.

Learn about online scavenger hunts.

#7. Virtual Christmas Cook-off

A cooking contest for Christmas delicacy is among the most exciting virtual Christmas games. This exercise is suitable for colleagues, families, kids, and friends.

The game is fun because it involves preparing and eating favorite Christmas treats. The game also helps members to celebrate different cultures and cuisines online. For instance, if the contest theme is regional delicacies, then members from the US can make a stuffed turkey, teams in Japan might choose homemade fried chicken, KFC style, and participants from Sweden are likely to include saffron buns on the menu.

Another way to run the contest is by specifying the meal to cook. For example, the host may choose potatoes. Instead of making the dish with a standard recipe, participants cook in their most preferred ways. For example, through different cooking methods such as baking, roasting, or using spices of choice.

To contest remotely, the judge sets the day and time for the competition and then sends an invite for an online conference. Participants should log in in a chef’s uniform or with an apron and a hairnet or bandana. The meeting starts with sharing interesting Christmas stories or icebreakers. The host then invites the participants to the contest and describes the task. Finally, the cooks begin preparing the meal. Participants should ensure that the camera captures the progress for more engaging content.

To present the delicacy, each participant plates the food, takes a photo of the plate, and then shares the pictures on the chats for assessment. Finally, team members view, compliment, and vote for the most delicious product.

#8. Christmas Carol Singing Contest

Singing Christmas carols is among the best ways to get immersed in the holiday mood. The Christmas Carol Singing Contest involves members chanting a tune without looking at the lyrics. Instead, members compete to find out which group has mastered the carols or can create the best parody carols with their own lyrics.

The host prepares a list of not-so-common Christmas carols. Next, the host splits members into pairs and assigns them to breakout rooms. Large groups can have mini-groups of four or five members. The host gives each group a song from the list. Team members begin rehearsing by playing the music and singing along to the lyrics. After 20 to 30 minutes, the groups reassemble in the main room.

To start the contest, the host calls out a team, then pins the group members. Next, contestants chorus the parody carol or the actual song without peeking at the lyrics or using background music for guidance. Finally, the successful contestants are the ones that sing the entire song correctly in key, tune and wording.

#9. Never Have I Ever: Christmas Edition

Never Have I Ever: Christmas Edition is among the best free virtual Christmas games for work. Colleagues can use this entertaining game as part of happy hour or as an icebreaker.

Never Have I Ever: Christmas Edition game requires participants to express whether or not they have ever done the actions on the provided prompts. To play this game, every participant begins by holding up ten fingers. Then, in turns, each player makes a statement starting with “Never Have I Ever.” Players should lower a finger every time a member says something they have done.

The game continues until one player remains.

Here are a few prompts:

  • Never Have I Ever peeked at my Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve.
  • Never Have I Ever stuffed my mouth with sugarplums.
  • Never Have I Ever sent anyone a thoughtful Christmas card.
  • Never Have I Ever given a brand new present.
  • Never Have I Ever built a gingerbread house.
  • Never Have I Ever shaken hands with Santa.
  • Never Have I Ever worn Santa’s boots.
  • Never Have I Ever made a snow angel.
  • Never Have I Ever worn ugly Christmas gloves.

To make the game exciting, players can include their mischievous doings and popular holiday practices.

#10. Christmas-themed Trivia

Christmas-themed trivia is one of the most exciting games for remote teams. This game is engaging and suitable for all ages. Players can take up this challenge at the beginning of the season to welcome the holiday mood.

The Christmas-themed trivia consists of questions about the Christmas season, movies, and activities. To prepare for the game, the host compiles a list of the trivia questions and answers, then invites participants to an online conference platform through an invitation link.

Players can use Kahoot! app to play trivia. The app is real-time and records individual scores and tallies. Or, the leader asks the question, and members compete to type in the answers in the chat. At the end of each category of questions, the player who typed the highest number of correct answers wins.

Learn how to play online trivia.

#11. Charades With Santa

Charades With Santa is one of the most fun Zoom Christmas party games. The game involves acting out a word or phrase, and then team members try to figure out the phrase in two minutes.

To play Charades With Santa, the host splits the group into teams of two or three members. Each team chooses its actor, who should dress like Santa. The actor receives the prompts from the host and should act out the charade’s hints without uttering a word. The rest of the group members shout their guesses until they find the required phrase or pass the turn.

Teams earn a point for every correct answer. At the end of the rounds, the host tallies the point and announces the winners.

Players can obtain the phrases from a charade generator or popular Christmas movies, carols or traditions.

Movie title prompt examples include:

  • The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Home Alone
  • Bad Santa
  • Jingle All The Way
  • Santa Clause
  • Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas

Other categories include winter season items such as Christmas gifts and antlers and Christmas carol titles such as Silent Night and The First Noel.

#12. Strange Snowman Competition

Making a snowman is one of the most fantastic winter activities. The strange snowman competition requires players to build an interesting-looking snowman.

To play the Strange Snowman Competition, players assemble over a video call for a regular meeting. The members agree on the appropriate time for the game, for example, during the breaks. Then, the host gives participants 25 minutes to make a strange snowman. This game may require the players to involve family or friends to shoot videos of contestants working on the task.

After 25 minutes, every player sends a photo of their snowman for analysis by fellow team members. Participants also send the entire snowman-making clip to the host, who replays it in fast motion as players analyze the outcome.

The exercise is recommended for players who enjoy creative activities. The game is suitable for all ages and in places with heavy snowfall. However, team members in warmer climates can get creative and make “snowmen” out of materials like sand or cotton balls.

#13. Virtual Christmas Card-making

Sending warm greetings to colleagues or classmates during Christmas is one of the best ways to keep teams connected. In addition, sharing good thoughts on a virtual Christmas Card strengthens friendships.

Players use apps like Canva, Design Wizard, and Stencil to make virtual cards. Players choose a template they like and then personalize the card by adding features like images, words, and GIFS.

This activity requires each player to make a card for the group. Then, team members will exchange those cards.


Plenty of activities make it fun to keep remote teams engaged during Christmas. Virtual Christmas games help bring remote teams together and share the season’s joys. Good game ideas come from various Christmas traditions, such as exchanging gifts, singing Christmas carols, and preparing holiday treats. Incorporating common Christmas traditions into a game makes the activities engaging enough for remote teams to participate.

Feel free to also check out virtual community building activities and online communication games.

FAQ: Virtual Christmas games

Here are common questions about virtual Christmas games.

What are virtual Christmas games?

Virtual Christmas games are interesting activities with remote teams during the Christmas holidays. These games improve bonding among remote team members despite the distance. Examples of virtual holiday games are Christmas Mad Libs and Ugly Christmas Sweater Collection.

What are some good virtual Christmas games for online offices?

Some of the good games for remote employees are:

  • Christmas-Themed Murder Mystery
  • Never Have I Ever: Christmas Edition
  • Strange Snowman Competition
  • Ugly Christmas Sweater Collection
  • Charades With Santa
  • Twelve Days of Christmas The Painting Competition
  • Virtual Christmas Cook-off

These games are enjoyable and suitable for adults.

How do you play Christmas games virtually?

Virtual Christmas games are exercises to do over video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Webex, and Skype. First, remote teams log in to the preferred platform then the host guides the team on activities. For example, explaining the game rules and desired outcome of the tasks. To kick off the game, the host decides whether or not to split the team into smaller groups. Finally, participants play accordingly. The host assesses the tasks and declares any winners.

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