21 Virtual Trivia Games and Ideas for Remote Teams

You found our list of the best virtual trivia games.

​Virtual trivia games are online competitions that test players’ general knowledge of various topics, like music, geography, and sports. These games involve a series of questions and require players to answer most questions quickly and correctly. Examples of virtual trivia games include Kahoot!, Crowdpurr, and Fun Trivia. The purpose of these games is to engage distant team members, have fun, and enhance camaraderie.

Virtual trivia games are types of online team building games and activities. You can play these games to improve communication or host a happy hour.

​This list includes:

  • virtual pub trivia
  • free virtual trivia
  • team building virtual trivia

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List of the 21 best virtual trivia games

1. Crowdpurr

Crowdpurr is one of the best trivia apps for virtual events, such as birthdays and anniversaries. This app is suitable for remote players, including coworkers and friends. Crowdpurr is simple to use and has a free plan that you can access without paying a dime. Plus, players can use mobile devices to participate in the trivia game.

Players can choose a game from several categories, such as sports, films, and music. The app will present an image or video-based question, and participants must answer the questions correctly in the shortest time to earn points. Throughout the game, Crowdpurr provides live rankings of players’ performances.

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2. Kahoot!

Kahoot! is a leading team building virtual trivia app. This platform can help teams enjoy the game while learning new facts. Kahoot! has a user-friendly interface where players can customize trivia quizzes and answers.

To play Kahoot!, a host logs into the app to create a game and generate an access code. The host will then share the code for participants to join. Players can turn on the webcam, microphone, and speaker on their devices for a better trivia experience.

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3. Fun Trivia

Fun Trivia is among the oldest trivia websites with updated content. The app has numerous trivia questions in multiple categories, like animals, comics, and kids’ trivia. This website only allows folks aged 13 and above to play the team quizzes, daily challenges, and private tournaments. Plus, players can choose fun trivia options like crossword puzzles, multiple-choice questions, and fill-in-the-blank quizzes.

Fun Trivia receives these quizzes from thousands of contributors worldwide, including members of the Fun Trivia community. To enhance the quality of the trivia questions, the team of editors first checks and approves the quizzes before publishing them on the website.

Learn more about Fun Trivia.

4. Seterra

Seterra is one of the best apps for testing geography knowledge. This software is a great online trivia platform, and it comes in online and offline modes. This app is most beneficial to users like students and travel enthusiasts. In addition, this app can intrigue folks who enjoy geography challenges, such as locating different cities or states on the world map.

Seterra has free and paid plans, and users can select the option that matches their virtual trivia needs. With over 40 languages, players worldwide can interact with this software. Plus, the voice app can help players to get their pronunciation right.

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5. TriviaMaker

TriviaMaker is one of the most engaging virtual party trivia sites and is a useful app for remote learners. This game has various fun quiz style options. The options include wheel, grid, and lists. In addition, the quizzes may be basic or cryptic, with open-ended answers or multiple choices.

TriviaMaker uses crowd mode, where players can participate in the game from their own devices. Also, the app has ready-made games for students to select without having to sign up or download trivia content.

Learn more about TriviaMaker.

6. Sporcle

If you are looking for interesting online exercises and entertainment, then Sporcle is the app to try. This site is simple to use and can make the virtual team feel at home with its engaging quiz community. Players can attempt quizzes from multiple topics and participate in ready-made trivia or create their own game.

Whether your team is fully virtual or hybrid, Sporcle can accommodate your trivia needs. In addition, you can use this app to spice up virtual or live events to create a memorable experience.

Learn more about Sporcle.

7. Jeopardy!

Jeopardy! is the classic question-and-answer format trivia game. Usually, this trivia activity requires three contestants to compete in three rounds. However, you can customize the game to your preference.

In a Jeopardy! game, players first select the question category. The host provides contestants with a clue, and players make the most accurate guesses. The answers may be descriptions or questions. Players who answer the clue correctly earn money, and the player with the most money at the end of the game wins.

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8. Brightful

Brightful is a classic trivia site for teams. Brightful games are a great option for icebreakers and team building activities.

​Participants can select quizzes from different topics and compete for the title of trivia king or queen. This exercise is fast-paced and involves answering questions about several possible scenarios. Players find this trivia fun because they can use imagination or reason to solve the quizzes. Plus, with no right or wrong answers, all responses are welcome.

Learn more about Brightful.

9. Quizoid

Quizoid is a popular trivia app. Participants can play online or offline against classmates or coworkers. The games come in easy, moderate, and pro levels.

Quizoid draws questions from a wide variety of subjects, such as sports, emerging trends, and entertainment. The questions test players’ prowess in general knowledge and personal interests. This game is suitable for families, classmates, and colleagues. Friends in different age groups, like young children and teens, can also enjoy the game by choosing an appropriate category and level.

Learn more about Quizoid.

10. Fun Quizzes

Fun Quizzes is among the best free virtual trivia websites. The games include quizzes of different difficulties, suitable for pub trivia, holiday fun, and team building.

Fun Quizzes has plenty of options that engage players. For instance, you can select a game that matches the current season, such as Christmas, New Year, and Halloween. Players can also choose quizzes in areas like music, languages, and general knowledge. In addition, younger players can enjoy easier challenges categorized as easy quizzes or quizzes for kids.

Learn more about Fun Quizzes.

11. Logo Quiz

Logo Quiz is an exciting trivia website that tests your familiarity with different company logos. This game is most suitable for brand ambassadors and marketing and promotional teams who can learn a few tips on branding and image.

Players must correctly guess the brand that uses the provided logo or select the real logo between two impostors. Each game has at least 20 levels, which gradually become tougher as you advance.

You can play this game online or on mobile devices. This game is ​among the best virtual trivia games.

Learn more about Logo Quiz.

12. PopcornTrivia

PopcornTrivia is among the top-rated movie trivia websites. The quizzes are challenging and will test your prowess in film knowledge. You can play the game by answering the questions or creating your own quiz about all movie genres. By answering the questions correctly, players earn points that help them climb the ranks or get lifelines for difficult questions.

If you are watching movies with friends or colleagues, then PopcornTrivia is one of the best ways to make a movie night interesting.

Learn more about PopcornTrivia.

13. Britannica

Britannica trivia is a fun virtual game covering art, history, and science. The goal of the game is to reach the highest level. Players level up by successfully answering the ten multiple-choice questions on each level before moving to the next.

You can choose from either a timed or untimed game. If you want the game to be more challenging, then you can choose the timed game. In this mode, you can score higher by answering faster.

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14. myQuiz

myQuiz is one of the best platforms for virtual team building trivia. Players can play directly on the website without having to download the myQuiz app. The trivia quizzes are challenging enough to entertain and educate players.

One of the outstanding features of this platform is customized trivia. Hosts can create their own quizzes on the platform, which are great for virtual private events, such as staff parties, team building events, and product launches.

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15. Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack is one of the most innovative quiz games, and one of the most popular ​virtual trivia games. Trivia Crack quizzes are creative and provide you with an entertaining and educational experience. Plus, players can use the multi-platform feature of the app to connect and compete against other players across the globe. Soon, this platform plans on introducing artificial intelligence and augmented reality to bring you top-notch experiences with your fellow remote team members.

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16. ProProfs

ProProfs is among the best trivia games for students and colleagues. This app allows participants to set quizzes that test team knowledge on various learning topics. You can create your own quizzes or choose from premade ones to run during team training.

In addition, team members can attempt trivia quizzes on similar interests. For example, folks who follow Psych, a mystery show you can access on Peacock TV, can test their memories and provide the correct answers to questions relating to the show’s seasons.

Players can also participate in improving the quality of the quizzes on the app. This task is simple when players use the quiz maker tool on the app.

Learn more about ProProfs.

17. Trivia Champ

Trivia Champ is one of the best free trivia games. This platform contains questions and answers from a wide selection of topics, including history, animals, zombies, and pop culture. These questions are available as free printables so players can compete without having to subscribe. In addition, players can earn extra bucks by attempting questions on the daily challenges and the Trivia Buff page, which contains similar quiz games.

Learn more about Trivia Champ.

18. Pub Quiz Questions HQ

The Pub Quiz Questions HQ is one of the leading virtual pub trivia sites. Players can access the platform for free and participate in quizzes in over 50 categories, including sports and television. This trivia site is fun and has plenty of good pub quiz questions to help players refine their pub knowledge. To participate in a game, you can play online, on the app, or download the printable quizzes.

In addition, the Pub Quiz Questions HQ regularly reviews the questions and updates the information to ensure fresh challenges.

Learn more about Pub Quiz Questions HQ.

19. SongPop

SongPop is a leading music-themed virtual trivia game to play solo or with teams. The game includes pop trivia questions and name-that-tune quizzes. This platform has thousands of music tracks for players to listen to and identify. Also, players can generate a playlist of old and new music to gauge how well fellow team members know the songs.

You can use the multiplayer feature to play with other guests online. For instance, you can compete in daily challenges and multiplayer tournaments.

Learn more about SongPop.

20. Lovatts Online Trivia

Lovatts Puzzles has a page on their website for fun online trivia. The quizzes fall into categories like dictionary and general knowledge. Each round consists of ten questions in the form of multiple-choice questions, crossword puzzles, and word searches.

Lovatts Puzzles is among the best social networks for remote teams to connect and enhance relationships. This app is a free website, and players can also access several other virtual games, like Sudoku. Participants may also contribute questions and compete with other players.

Learn more about Lovatts Online Trivia.

21. GameApart

GameApart is among the best party trivia websites. This game is unique and perfect for engaging friends and colleagues. Questions fall into categories like aliens, technology, and miscellaneous. Players will get a question in the selected categories, which they must answer correctly. If a player gives the wrong answer, then the game will give them a clue on where to find the correct answer.

Players can compete in GameApart as individuals or as teams. The winner is the first player to get three cards in a category or one card in three categories. Plus, the game is free, and players can access premium games after seeing a few ads.

Learn more about GameApart.


Virtual trivia is among the best online party games. These games are intriguing for most folks, as they cover a wide scope of interests, from history to music to science. Participants who share similar interests can comfortably compete against one another on various trivia sites like Jeopardy! and Sporcle. Plus, trivia can be an interesting conversation starter. For more fun and excitement, you can  play ​virtual trivia games over a video conferencing app, like Zoom or Google Meet. These online conferencing apps provide a good platform for remote teams to connect and enhance their camaraderie.

​Next, check out virtual games to play on Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

FAQ: Virtual Trivia Games

Here are answers to common questions about virtual trivia games.

How do you play trivia virtually?

Players can participate in virtual trivia on online video conferencing platforms like Skype and Microsoft Teams, which allows players to interact with one another better. Once logged in, players can select the games they want to play based on factors like expertise and interests. Participants can then choose whether they want to participate solo or as part of a team. Finally, players begin to answer the questions to earn points and aim to win.

What are some good virtual trivia ideas for teams?

Since teams differ greatly from one another, finding a good trivia idea can be an uphill task. However, understanding the team’s needs and characteristics can help you find the perfect trivia for your group. Some of the leading options include Pub Quiz Questions HQ, Trivia Maker, and Seterra.

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